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s▓ to protect and serve women and children in poverty-stricken areas are not adequate and cases of i▓nfringement of the rights of women and children ▓have occasionally been reported.In his speech, Li ▓urged continued efforts to implement the basic state policy of gender equality and the principle of prioritizing th▓e development of children's education.Li said women ▓and children's development should be better coordi▓nated with economic growth and social progress.Gender discrimination must be elimi▓nated, and equal pay for equal work must be enforced, said Li, calling for efforts to provide special wor▓k protection to female em

ployees and boost suppor▓t to them, including training, tax waivers or rebates, and legal and business assistance.Greater efforts should▓ be made to select or promote female cadres, and women ▓should enjoy greater opportunities and capa▓bilities to govern economic and social affairs, Li said.The premier also urged greater care

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for particularly vulnerable groups, including the poor, sick and disabled, elderly women as well as s▓ingle mothers.Calling childr

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en the "future and hope of a nation," Li said ▓priority should be given to the education ▓of children. Li urged advancing balanced development

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of compulsory education by investing more heavily in education▓ in central and western regions, border areas, ethnic ▓minority areas and impo

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